Commvault v11 SP10 – New Features

Commvault SP10 is out and the new features deserve a mention:

Server Retirement Workflow

This workflow, once downloaded and installed; will handle the following retirement functions:

  • Disables all activity on the client
  • Updates audit notes
  • Sets the job retention time period
  • Releases the client license
  • (Optional): Trigger an approval email

more info here

Data Encryption Configuration for Global Policies

This is extremely useful and ensures all data deduplicated using the global deduplication (or global secondary) policy will be encrypted. Prior to SP10 the encryption has to be specified at either the storage policy copy or client level.

More info here

SQL Server agent support for SQL 2017 on Windows & Linux

Supported Linux distros are:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3 or 7.4 Workstation, Server, and Desktop
  • SuSE Linux 12 SP2 Enterprise Server
  • Ubuntu16.04 LTS

All supported windows version for SQL 2017 will work. The SQL Management Studio Plug-In is also supported for SQL 2016 & 2017

“Proxyless” Intellisnap Backups.

Intellisnap backups are becoming more and more relevant considering the ever increasing size of virtual machines. It is not always practical to perform daily disk backups of multi-TB VMs. In previous service packs intellisnap backups required a proxy ESXi host in order to mount the hardware snapshot for backup copy. SP10 has introduced the process of retrieving the VMFS and CBT information during the snapshot operation. This adds a small time penalty to the snapshot operation, but considering the amount of time saved during the proxies mount and rescan operations; this is inconsequential. For backup copy operations the snapshot is mounted directly to the VSA proxy; File System APIs are then used to stream a copy to disk.

More info here

SP10 can be obtained via now or via the CommCell console after January 15th.

For more information and to read about additional new features, click here.

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